| Jennifer

// Fine Dani and Hanna finished tweaked and ready for a night on Bakfickan! //

// Before we went and ate at Sails bar, I took their vegetarian burger which was really good! //

// Had an awesome day on Utö, although this picture taken before we were out and party! // Hey babe! Here are some snaps from earlier in the week when I was on Uto, wrote about that during the day was out and bathed the rocks. When we felt clear where we went up to the house and started to fix us a little before evening. Obviously, I chose, what I enjoy absolute best to wear! When all was ready, we walked down to the Sails bar where we ate dinner and I took a vegetariskburgare which was yummy indeed. After dinner we were all full and satisfied, we decided to go up to the house and drink a few glasses of wine, and after that it became a starting Bakfickan is the only club on the island. Glad we had and when the club closed after we partied in someone sauna until morning! / Jennifer